Package org.dynalang.mop

This package defines the metaobject protocol interfaces.


Interface Summary
BaseMetaobjectProtocol The base metaobject protocol interface that provides essential functionality for implementing a metaobject protocol.
CallProtocol An interface for objects that are capable of creating alternative representations for objects, for purposes of converting between types where necessary (usually used for arguments of method invocation and property setters).
ClassBasedMetaobjectProtocol An interface that can be optionally implemented by any MOP if it is strictly class-based (that is, the class of an object solely determines whether it has authority over it or not).
MetaobjectProtocol An extension of BaseMetaobjectProtocol that can provide various convenience functionality that can implemented in terms of base functionality, but the specialized implementations can be optimized.

Enum Summary
BaseMetaobjectProtocol.Results Defines special operation results that are used as return values from many metaobject protocol methods to indicate success or failure.

Package org.dynalang.mop Description

This package defines the metaobject protocol interfaces.